In November 2011, this guy Rich asked me, Jeremy Henderson, editor of The War Eagle Reader, to come talk about my website and the Iron Bowl or whatever on his radio show, The Drive. I did. It was fun. I really liked the way I sounded in the headphones.

So a few days later, I just went for it…

… and thus was born It’s Pronounced Jordan (named mostly for the pre-existing shirts I’d had screen-printed two years earlier), which would be the greatest experiment in Auburn radio until 2016, when Rich and I took the act to weekday mornings on Wings 94.3 FM and renamed it Rich and Jeremy in the Morning (RIP).

In 2017, there was a short-lived stab at an IPJ podcast revival that produced some decent episodes.

But now, with the unfortunate dissolution of Rich and Jeremy in the Morning, ol’ Jer is striking out under the IPJ banner yet again, solo-style. Same sexy voice, same sick obsession with Auburn history, same (ideal) release schedule—once (or twice?) a week.