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8/22/19: Kess Fabian talks Bill Tucker, Auburn's 7-fingered, polio-stricken quarterback of yore

The Sausage King of Vestavia reflects on the career of his friend and former Auburn quarterback Bill Tucker, who as a sophomore saved the day in Auburn’s epic 1949 upset of Alabama. As a senior, six weeks before the Shug Jordan era began,Tucker was set to start under center. He started feeling bad. He would never play football again. 

8/10/19: Former Auburn Band member who created iconic "AU" logo talks tweaks, reminisces

It’s Pronounced Jordan is back with a vengeance. Jeremy interviews former Auburn marching band drummer Fritz Siler, who created Auburn’s iconic “AU” logo on a whim one night in 1965. How does Fritz feel about the new logo tweaks that has the Auburn Family on the brink of civil war? How exactly did he come up with the logo? Was he drunk? Let’s find out…